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Local Time Brewing

Our Story

Local Time Brewing is a new craft brewery and taproom in Holly Springs, North Carolina, USA, where great stories, new friends, and craft beer come together. Founded by Chris and Kelly Gallagher the beers are inspired by the ingredients, brewing techniques, and cultures from around the world.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien

Whether sipping an ice-cold lager overlooking the sea on the Ionian coast, draining a pint of rich, smokey stout while laughing with friends in a Dublin pub, or settling into an Adirondack chair on a deck in the Blue Ridge Mountains, IPA in hand...

No matter where you go, there is nothing like experiencing life, laughter, friends, and culture in the company of great beer.

Local Time Brewing is your home away from home, where you can sit and enjoy the camaraderie of old friends while making new ones and planning your next adventure.

About Us

Established in 2022 by husband-and-wife Chris and Kelly, Local Time Brewing is founded on a shared love of travel, beer, storytelling, and camaraderie. Local Time beers are globally inspired by brewing techniques, ingredients, flavor, and culture. Each beer has a journey to share, as do all people who come in for a pint (or two).

Your Master Brewer

As you discover more about Devin, you'll learn that his passion and excitement for life and the world around us play as significant a role in his creative inspiration.

"I love storytelling and music. Like a good beer, a good story has a depth of personality, history, character, and often a hint of mystery. Like a great song, it can be a simple note or a complex harmony; there are lows, break-downs, and crescendos (of flavor). Beer has to work across the palette."

Known for developing award-winning Ambers, Devin began his career in 2010, earning high marks at IDB in 2011, and he has been a master brewer in the Triangle area ever since.

"There's a reason behind every ingredient."

Local Time Brewing Strikes Gold at NC Brewers Cup

Local Time Brewing, a travel-themed craft brewery in Holly Springs, North Carolina, received the only gold medal in Wake County at the NC Brewers Cup competition. Devin Singley, the Head Brewer, won the gold medal in the International Origin category for the Phuket Sunset Thai-Style Rice Lager and a silver medal in the European Amber Lager category for the Schonbrunn Vienna-Style Lager. The brewery, founded by Chris and Kelly Gallagher, is only five months old and is among nearly 50 breweries in the county. The Phuket Sunset beer is made with premium ingredients and old-world brewing techniques, resulting in a crisp and balanced flavor. The NC Brewers Cup is an annual competition organized by the North Carolina Brewers Guild, featuring 873 entries from 122 independent North Carolina craft breweries in 2023, making it the largest commercial beer competition in the Southeast. The North Carolina Brewers' Guild promotes craft beer tourism and advocates for the state's craft brewing industry, which boasts more than 400 breweries.